El Reno Electrical Technician

With the safety of your home or commercial building on the line, it’s simply not an option to work with a subpar El Reno electrical technician. You need the very best providing your service.

Here at Performance Electric, we are proud to provide a comprehensive selection of electrical services — from electrical installation in El Reno OK, to emergency repairs — for both residential and commercial clients. We have been doing this since 1982, and our reputation speaks for itself.

Why Performance Electric makes a formidable electrical technician in El Reno OK

There is certainly no shortage of companies you can turn to for El Reno electrical installation work or repairs, but here at Performance Electric, we provide everything you are likely looking for in an electrician. Our service is:

  • Administered by licensed, insured and bonded electrical technicians. Our team is close-knit and we pride ourselves on bringing industry-leading knowledge and skill to the table. Our crews will be able to handle your El Reno electrical repair needs seamlessly.
  • Responsive to your needs. Electrical emergencies can be very serious, regardless of what time of day or night they pop up. As your El Reno electrical technician, Performance Electric provides 24/7 emergency electrical repair in El Reno OK and throughout the rest of the state. We’re here when you need us.
  • A comprehensive selection of services. From installing ceiling fans, switches, lighting and smoke detectors to covering your generator needs, if it has to do with electricity, the chances are we can handle it for you.
  • Affordable and accessible to everyone in the community that needs it. Our rates are competitive with the market and we offer free estimates on your electrical installation in El Reno OK. We even provide additional discounts for teachers, service members and first responders.

With Performance Electric, world-class electrical service is within your reach, right in your own backyard! Connect with a qualified El Reno electrical technician right now by contacting our staff.