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We care about our community, and during times of natural disasters and power outages, our team is here to make sure you are prepared. With a house full of family and an office full of staff, the last thing you need is a power outage. Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable, that’s why you need a generator. Keep your business running no matter what and your home fully functioning at all times. Contact your neighborhood electrician at Performance Electric to install your generator in your home or office.

Home Generator

Generators protect your home from power outages due to mechanical issues and weather. When the power goes out, no more packing up your family or waiting in the dark – your generator will automatically takeover allowing life to keep going as normal.


Business Generator

When the power goes out during extreme storms, there’s no guarantee when it will return. Time is money and the longer your power is out, the more money you lose. Keep your patrons out of the dark and your money in your pockets by investing in a backup generator.

Things to consider with generators:

  • Professional Install. Generators are not a DIY project. Improper electrical installs can be bad news for your family and your business. Purchasing a generator from a retail store may seem like the easy way out, but if your generator fails to power on or causes electrical damage to your property, it could ultimately cost you more in the long run. Instead, rely on our licensed, experienced technicians at Performance Electric for a safe, efficient install.
  • Surge Protection. Generators typically provide reliable power quality, but during an outage, your prized home electrical system will be powered by your generator so you can use all of the protection that you can get. Whole house surge protection will keep your home or office safe in the event of disaster.
  • Types of generators. Consider the size of generator you might want. Do you need to power your whole home or office or just the main fixtures? The strength of your system will depend on the amount of power required. Generators can be powered by gas meters or propane tanks, so your use for your generator should be able to be sufficiently supported by your power source.

Keep your home or business performing at its best.

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Customer Testimonials

Best and most responsive company I've used. They came out on a Sunday after my friends power was disconnected from their house due to a storm. They are very friendly and professional.

Jack Jones

They did a great job on our back patio new plugs,switches, replaced down lites , But was very friendly even help me on some speaker issue. I will use them again for sure. Thank you

Amanda Bradway

All types of electrical workdone in a timely manner at reasonable prices.

Ken Trolinger