Moore Electrical Panel Upgrades

Older homes can greatly benefit from the Moore electrical panel upgrades made available through Performance Electric. If the current electrical panel in your home or building is showing signs that it’s simply not powerful enough to distribute the needed electricity, then we invite you to call in our team.

Our licensed electricians specialize in electrical panel replacement in Moore OK, equipping your home or building with a panel that has the needed capacity to power a modern house.

We invite you to consult with our team and experience for yourself the many benefits that come with electrical panel upgrades in Moore OK, which include:

  • Better energy efficiency. With a Moore electrical panel replacement, your system will use electricity more efficiently. This means you will see lower energy bills each month.
  • Eliminate the risk of fire or other hazards. This is the most important reason to utilize Moore electrical panel upgrades. Each year over 50,000 house fires start from an electrical issue. Old panels are a real fire hazard. Performance Electric protects the safety of your home or building.
  • Even electricity distributed throughout your home. You won’t have to worry about lights flickering when appliances turn on. With electrical panel replacement in Moore OK, every component in your home will receive the needed electricity.
  • Eliminate the inconvenience that comes with constantly resetting tripped circuit breakers. This is a common problem in old systems as the wiring becomes overpowered with electricity, tripping the circuit breaker.

When you hire Performance Electric, you’re teaming with a family-owned business that has been working for the community since 1982. We have licensed, insured and bonded electricians on our team that are ready to handle your Moore electrical panel upgrades. Get started now by scheduling your service appointment.