Mustang Electrical Panel Upgrades

Don’t let an old, outdated electrical system compromise the safety of your home and everyone in it — turn to Performance Electric and lean on our Mustang electrical panel upgrades.

We work closely with residential and commercial clients to ensure that they are equipped with electrical panels and systems that are safely able to facilitate and distribute electricity throughout their homes or buildings.

Old systems are usually not powerful enough to handle the needs of modern homes. Making a panel work beyond its capacity can lead to serious issues, which is why electrical panel replacement in Mustang OK is very important in many cases.

Here are some signs you need electrical panel upgrades in Mustang OK

There are a variety of notable signs that your electrical panel is not strong enough for your home. But, of course, you don’t have to wait until these signs show up in your home — you can connect with Performance Electric and have one of our electricians take a look and see if you could benefit from Mustang electrical panel replacement.

Or, if you notice any of the following issues, make sure to connect with us as soon as possible.

  • The circuit breakers on your panel constantly trip and are not able to reset. Tripping circuit breakers is a sign that your wiring is overloaded with electricity and beyond capacity.
  • Your home still uses a fuse box. This is a sign that your panel is too old to be powering your modern home and we can provide you with necessary Mustang electrical panel upgrades.
  • The lights in your home flicker or dim when appliances turn on. Our electrical panel replacement in Mustang OK will give you the ability to power all components of your home without worrying about flickering lights or issues with other electronics.
  • You notice signs of electrical fires. Examine your panel — do you see any dark burn marks? Old panels can be a major fire hazard, and it’s important that you address it as soon as possible.

Performance Electric has been a leading name in the business since 1982 and our family-owned service ready to provide you with Mustang electrical panel upgrades and other services. Connect with our team to get started.