Mustang Residential Electrical Upgrades

Performance Electric works with area homeowners, who have older homes that are in need of Mustang residential electrical upgrades. Older homes tend to be equipped with systems that don’t have the capacity to power a modern home, and when they try to, trouble ensues.

Old, outdated electrical systems can cause lights to flicker, circuit breakers to trip and put your electronics at risk. Plus, it’s incredibly dangerous to overwork an electrical system like that. Residential electrical upgrades in Mustang OK through Performance Electric ensures that you are able to provide an adequate amount of energy to your home to operate it safely.

Providing comprehensive electrical services since 1982

Not only does our team provide Mustang residential electrical upgrades, but we can handle virtually any other electrical needs you might have. Whether you’re looking to install a ceiling fan or custom lighting in a room or you need service for your back-up generator, we have a team of licensed, experienced and insured electricians that can provide you with masterful work that we stand behind.

A reliable source for residential electrical repair in Mustang OK

While you can utilize ongoing maintenance and inspections, it’s still impossible to predict when an electrical problem will pop up. That’s why you need a Mustang residential electrical repair team to be standing at the ready to help you out.

At Performance Electric, we are proud to provide our statewide clients with 24/7 emergency repair service. This responsive service will address your pressing needs no matter what time of way or night it might be. While other companies promise to be there when you need them most, we actually follow through.

Lean on Performance Electric for residential electrical repair in Mustang OK and more!

Our family-owned business is proud of the work we provide for the local community. We utilize our knowledge, experience and skills to ensure our clients are safe, productive and comfortable in their homes and commercial buildings.

We invite you to bring in our team to handle your Mustang residential electrical upgrades or any other electrical needs you might have. We’re standing by to help.