Newcastle Electrical Panel Upgrades

Performance Electric is proud to work with local residential and commercial clients to provide them with effective, affordable Newcastle electrical panel upgrades. If your home’s electrical system is struggling to safely distribute the needed energy to your home’s various components, then it’s time to bring in our licensed, experienced staff of electricians.

The electrical panel in your home or building serves as the heart of your electrical system. All the electricity that enters your home starts at the panel and is distributed accordingly. Old panels lack the capacity needed to facilitate the load of electricity that is needed for today’s homes, which is why electrical panel replacement in Newcastle OK is so important.

Performance Electric can replace your panel with a more modern version. With these electrical panel upgrades in Newcastle OK, you will have the ability to safely power your home instead of worrying about overloading wiring and circuits, which can be a serious fire hazard.

When is it time for Newcastle electrical panel replacement?

Our team at Performance Electric can take a look and analyze whether or not you’re due for a replacement panel, but here are some situations in which you’d likely need one.

  • Your panel shows signs of underpowering your home — maybe the lights flicker when an appliance turns on.
  • You’re constantly blowing fuses or tripping circuits, which indicates your wiring is exceeding its capacity.
  • Your home is 25 years or older. Newcastle electrical panel upgrades are important for older homes, because today’s homes need much more power than houses from decades ago.
  • You are adding on to your home. This will increase your need for electricity and your panel might be at max capacity already.
  • You are upgrading appliances. With an electrical panel replacement in Newcastle OK, Performance Electric will give you the power and flexibility to add, or upgrade, appliances in your home without having to worry about straining your electrical system.

Performance Electric provides excellence when it comes to Newcastle electrical panel upgrades and other electrical services. Connect with our team and schedule a service appointment.