Newcastle Electrical Technician

Welcome to Performance Electric, where we provide a highly skilled Newcastle electrical technician for your electrical needs. From ceiling fan installation to fuse box upgrades and rewiring, our team of trusted electricians have the knowledge and experience required to approach your electrical job the right way.

A reputable, leading Newcastle electrical repair team

Performance Electric has long led the competition within the local market. Homeowners, construction managers and general contractors have all come to trust our knowledge and experience when it comes to electrical repair in Newcastle OK.

When you work with our teams, you are getting service that proudly boasts:

  • Skilled staff: Each member of our team is licensed, certified and insured. They have logged decades of combined experience working in residential settings and will bring that expertise to your electrical installation in Newcastle OK.
  • Cost-efficient prices: It’s certainly a juggling act finding a Newcastle electrical technician that is both precise and skilled, but also affordable. Performance Electric is one of the most cost-efficient names in the business.
  • Efficient, complete service: Whether you have a scheduled appointment for Newcastle electrical installation, or you are leaning on our team for emergency service, each of our crewmembers is put behind the wheel of a fully equipped truck that allows us to take care of all your needs on-site right away.

A trusted name for repairs, maintenance and electrical installation in Newcastle OK

Leaning on a qualified electrical technician in Newcastle OK is important — electrical projects should never be considered do-it-yourself endeavors. Your safety and even your livelihood could potentially be on the line.

Let us know about your next electrical project and we can provide some insight into the matter. We’re ready to serve as your trusted Newcastle electrical technician. Thank you for choosing Performance Electric.